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Sie möchten in einem der größten Energieunternehmen der Welt arbeiten - dann sind Sie bei TotalEnergies richtig!

 Wir suchen motivierte und engagierte Mitarbeiter/innen, die unsere Zukunft gemeinsam mit uns gestalten möchten.

TotalEnergies GRUPPE

Für TotalEnergies sind 100.000 Mitarbeiter/innen in mehr als 130 Ländern tätig – sie alle unterstützen uns bei unserer Aufgabe, den wachsenden Energiebedarf durch Innovationen und nachhaltige Entwicklung zu sichern. Mehr über TotalEnergies Gruppe erfahren.


Als Teil eines weltweit agierenden Energiekonzerns gehört TotalEnergies auch in Österreich zu den führenden Akteuren des Motorenölemarktes seit 40 Jahren.

Mit Kraft- und Motorenöle für Industrie und Gewerbe ebenso wie als Lieferant von Flugkraftstoffen, Bitumen oder Spezialprodukten für die Industrie sorgen unsere Fillialen Total Österreich und Total Schweiz jeden Tag, dass unsere Kunden vorankommen.

Wir heißen internationale, kulturelle und sprachliche Vielfalt unter unseren Mitarbeitern sehr willkommen und bemühen uns tagtäglich um eine aufgeschlossene, kooperative und motivierende Arbeitsatmosphäre.  

Mehr über TotalEnergies in Österreich erfahren.

Stellenumfang / Job Dimensions 

Member of the Hub’s Management Committee (MANCOM).

  • The CFO is responsible for the following functions : accounting, controlling, credit management. internal and external audits, price management, P&L and business reporting, treasury, insurances and taxes for the hub, consisting in Total Austria and Total Switzerland. He/she is also the IT Manager of the hub.
  •  These 2 affiliates sell the following products: lubricants, bitumen, special fluids and aviation in Austria and Switzerland. These activities consist in buying and reselling the products (there is no production unit).
  •  The generated turnover in the hub is approximately 80M$.
  • Credit management (~6500 customers) for 2 companies (Total Austria and Total Switzerland).

Tätigkeiten / Activities

  • Production of the accounting and financial documents (legal and group), production of taxes and VAT declarations contacts with revisers & fiscal advisers. Monthly production of managing reporting and follow-up of KPIs. In charge of budget & Long Term Plan process. Implementation of the “Common Managing Referential” (Total Group Rules).
  • Management of the Finance department (6 members)
  • Organization, implementation and follow-up of the credit risk policy, monitoring of customer credit management.
  • Supervision and control of treasury flow: relations with internal and external blanks, evaluation and implementation of financing needs, treasury flow optimization, Forex risk hedging, implementation of digital safe tools for payment, validation of payments.
  • Definition and implantation of insurances policies.
  • Convocation, organization and preparation of the boards of directors and general assembly for Total Austria.
  • As IT manager, she/he is the main contact in the affiliate for any issue related to IT management: current services, transverse projects, relation with IT central team and management of the local proximity support. The management of all hardware is delegated to the internal controller of the hub

Stellenumgebung / Context & Environment 

The CFO acts in a context of various commercial activities, products, providers and customers. The job needs a good reactivity to the operational department requests, to accountings, finance, legal, tax, legislation evolutions, logistic, sales and customer care. The CFO
also participates in the implementation of group’s rules, processes and principles in the affiliates.

Verantwortungen / Accountabilities 

  • Publication respecting the time limit, of internal and external reporting, in conformity with the accounting rules and communication to the Group of a financial and standardized information.
  • Optimal management of treasury, mastering of Forex risks, safety of the financial flows.
  • Working capital control: Pay vendors on time, put customer credit under control and control the level of stock.
  • Anticipate and mitigate any financial risk.

Qualifications and experience required

Good knowledge in finance and administration, with a previous management experience, 5/7 years of work experience.
Good notions of accounting, treasury, controlling, credit management, taxes, purchase, supply and IT.
Good knowledge of SAP, Business Objects, Excel.

  • Qualities for analyzing, synthesizing, writing (procedures). Organized, able to work under pressure.
  • Strong ability to manage and motivate a team and act as a Manager Coach
  •  Languages : German, English fluent, French (preferred)

Desired starting date is 01.04.2022.

Tätigkeiten / Activities

EV Charge Business

  • Manages the sales & operations of the EV Charge Business for Austria and Switzerland
  • Sales of TotalEnergies hardware, software and other solutions
  • Offers those new products and services to our current customers and external prospects
  • Bids to the B2G & B2B calls for tender

New businesses

  • Elaborates business plans and road maps for potential new businesses of the hub in the below domains (non-exhaustive list) with the support of our expert teams in HQ: Biofuels, Car Wash, H” and biogas.
  • Highlights some external growth potential targets

Results and Budget

  • Ensures the financial performance in line with the HUB budget,
  • Delivers regular reporting and market analysis


  • Ensures the strict compliance with our HSEQ regulations internally as well as with subcontractors
  • Fully respects the TotalEnergies code of conduct and the ethics charter (anti competition, anti-corruption, conflicts of interests…)
  • Is innovative in our business approach

Stellenumgebung / Context & Environment 

New TotalEnergies Marketing & Services road map according the TotalEnergies ambition for carbon neutrality in 2050 to be respected and implemented

Verantwortungen / Accountabilities 

  • Launch and make profitable the new businesses of the hub profitable
  • Respect the compliance and HSEQ rules of the Group

Qualifications and experience required

  • High ability to manage new business oriented projects
  • 5 years of successful business development or in a sales area (with preference EV Charge)
  • Entrepreneur spirit/attitude and the passion to create a new future-oriented business area
  • Capacity to deliver and come up with innovative solutions and new business models
  • Master / Engineer diploma / Strong interest in new energy business fields and technical know-how in the field of EV charge


The job holder will be directly reporting to the Managing Director of both affiliates TotalEnergies Marketing Austria GmbH and TotalEnergies Marketing Suisse SA and be the key player regarding a successful transformation in the area of NEW BUSINESSES and NEW ENERGIES. For the moment he/she is not supervising a team, but building up a new and future oriented business unit starting in the area of electric vehicle charging stations on the Austrian and Suisse markets.

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